Corporate Governance

Transparent Policies, Dependable Decisions,

These corporate governance standards are implemented by following the actions and processes.
• In identification, preliminary evaluations of Direct Investment Opportunities and in approval of investments.
• In having internal control systems to report on Kitara's Operations.
• Use of world class, independent, advisory, audit and banking systems.
• Complete and timely disclosure of financial statements.
• The Board of Halcyon Capital Holding Company (Ultimate Parent) is comprised of a majority of independent directors.
• Regular board meetings of all the group companies with full attendance of the two founders and the independent directors. 
• Regular attendance of the independent board members in various statutory committees.
• Timely flow of information to Shareholders and investors including quarterly updates on performance / Quarterly Fund Update.
• Transparency in executive compensation.
• Disclosure of related party transactions.
• The adoption by the company internally of the best practices related to corporate governance rules and regulations. 

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