How we operate?

Inspiring Choices - For the Competitive Advantage.

Sourced – Investment opportunities that meet our strict criteria is shortlisted by Kitara Capital.
Offer – Direct deals which are in line with the investment criteria are presented to the partners. 
Acceptance – The partners finally decide on the acceptance of the deal.
Redefining Investments. Doing it your way.

Kitara Capital does investments in two ways: Deal-by-Deal basis and more recently, as a Fund with significant capital participation from the holding company – Halcyon Capital/founders. To date, Kitara Capital has launched two funds. Additionally, on a very selective basis, Kitara Capital also manages a few of the Client’s Portfolio, 

Deal-by-Deal Investment: Once the Direct Investment Opportunities are decided, Kitara Capital will place “seed capital” into the investment on behalf of the holding company Halcyon Holding Company SAOC. Both the founders participate in each of the investments with their own capital.

The investment opportunities will then be offered to our partners as a co-investment. The flexibility of choosing the investment threshold will lie with the partners.

The amount sought from the co-investment partners will vary on a deal by deal basis. The combined corpus from the participating investors and Halcyon Capital Holding Company will be pooled through a Special Purpose Vehicle and invested in the underlying opportunity.  

Unlike funds, there is no open-ended commitment requirement from our partners. Each Direct Investment Opportunities is presented along with our detailed and comprehensive research-based Information Memorandum (IM) to our partners and those interested to co-invest can do so. Kitara Capital will participate in both the risk and reward in every investment with minimal management fee and carry from the co-investors. 

Investment as a Fund: The basic investment framework remains the same, but meaningful participation is from the parent company – Halcyon Capital. Kitara Capital participates in both risk and reward in every investment with minimal management fees and carry necessary to motivate its operational team.

Advising Clients: Kitara Capital advises its clients on their portfolio investments.

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