Holding & Management Structure

Build on Capital. Invest in Knowledge.

1. Halcyon Capital Holding Co SAOC – the financial base

• Parent Company, incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman, is listed on the Muscat Securities Markets and traded in the OTC segment.

• The company currently has an issued capital of RO 20 Million (Approx USD 51 Million).

• Principal Founders own 52% of the capital and the balance 48% has been allotted through a process of Private Placement of Shares.

• The company has over 70 shareholders based in USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Oman, India, UAE and Bahrain.

• The capital of the company is used to 'seed' investment opportunities identified by Kitara Capital.

2. Kitara Capital International Limited (Cayman Island) – the knowledge base

• Asset management company incorporated in Cayman Island. • Kitara Cayman Island manages the asset held through different geography optimizing tax efficiency.

• Represents Kitara Capital’s Knowledge-based business and is responsible for identifying and managing Direct Investment Opportunities and/or investment in listed companies.

 • Undertakes macro-economic research for market identification, initial sector and company research, deal identification, professional evaluation of investments and post-deal monitoring of performance along with periodic performance reporting to the co-investors.

3. Kitara Capital Limited (Dubai)

• Category 3C Authorized firm regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) incorporated in the year 2014.

• Licensed to carry out Fund Management, Asset Management, Arranging & Advising on Investments. 

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